Riopelle says school district’s cleaning effort went somewhat awry

    During discussions on the Crookston Park Board’s 2019 Capital Improvement Plan, Parks & Rec Director Scott Riopelle mentioned they will need to resurface the Highland Park tennis courts, citing some issues with their current appearance and function. Parks & Rec Supervisor Scott Butt said they “normally” resurface the courts around the 10-year mark, but the last few winters have been “hard on it.”

    “A new top layer was put on and we strategically placed cuts in there so it wouldn’t affect play, but, what happened is, they (the school district) were cleaning them out and didn’t do it very well,” Riopelle admitted.

    Ward 4 City Council Member and Park Board ex-officio Dennis Regan asked if snowblowers were used on the tennis courts causing scrapes to happen and suggested it might look better if they didn’t go out there. Butt replied, saying skid plates used a “good” inch or two above would help the courts from getting damaged.

    Other items on the CIP plan include the purchase of a new sweeper and pickup, and refurbishing picnic tables and benches.  

    “What does $1,000 buy for picnic tables and benches?” asked Park Board member Becky Kofoed suspiciously.

    “We keep the frames and buy new boards to redo them,” Riopelle reassuring her they weren’t just buying one picnic table which could cost close to $1,000 each.

    Riopelle told the board that salaries and maintenance stay the same on the CIP plan, but specific items come and go every year.