Mayor wants it on July 9 agenda

    The Crookston City Council (very) briefly discussed adopting the League of Minnesota Cities ethics and value policy at this week’s meeting citing they will take the next month to see what they want added or changed. Mayor Wayne Melbye suggested they put policy talk on the July 9 agenda.

    City Administrator Shannon Stassen said the LMC policy templates were “pretty self-explanatory” and can be “flexible” for communities.

    Last week, Melbye suggested the council look into adopting the LMC’s policy after a back-and-forth with Ward 1 Council Member Jake Fee over some actions on behalf of Fee that the mayor said were unacceptable.

    The LMC policy includes a code of conduct and statement of values that includes nine different sections of how those statements are modeled “in practice.” Those statements can begin with things like, “I serve the public interest…”, “I fulfill the duties and responsibilities of holding public office…”, “I am ethical…”, “I am professional…”, “I am fiscally responsible…”, “I am conscientious…”, “I communicate effectively…”, “I am collaborative…”, and “I am forward thinking…”

    The LMC’s policy was put in place October 2009 and revised in December 2017.