ECI, Moes, Lions awarded funds

    Crookston Parks & Recreation’s Matching Grant Program awarded three grants totaling close to $3,000 for the year. Parks & Rec director Scott Riopelle asked the Park Board during this week’s meeting to approve a grant for Crookston Early Childhood Initiative (ECI), Tim and Kari Moe, and the Crookston Lions Club to which they unanimously approved.

    Riopelle said the ECI group have plans to put up benches at a couple local parks that have enclosed backs and railing on the side so children that lie on them don’t fall through. Their grant is for $928. Park Board member Becky Kofoed asked what material they’re using for the benches hoping they wouldn’t get “hot” in sunlight and Riopelle reassured her that it’s similar to the Crookston Rotary Club’s benches at the Splash Park.

    Tim and Kari Moe are wanting to put up a bench at Evergreen Park and Riopelle says they already have the bench “on-hand” and their grant is for $300.

    The Crookston Lions Club will be putting in a drinking fountain at Highland Complex near the splash pad in the shape of a lions head with their grant totaling $1,900.