Students won't quite finish ambitious house

    With a class consisting entirely of seniors, and members of the Crookston High School Class of 2018 graduating on Friday, May 25, it’s about time to officially put the wraps on the 2017-18 Construction Trades class, at least the portion that involves students and their teacher, Travis Oliver, building the house, located this year at the corner of Barrette Street and Eickhof Boulevard.

    So Oliver has scheduled an open house and cookout on Thursday, May 17 from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the house site, with the hot dogs donated by B & E Meats.

    “It will give the community a chance to see the house and everything the kids have been able to do,” Oliver said. “The students will be there to visit and talk about what they’ve done, and I encourage parents, stakeholders and the whole community to come out, take a look around, and visit.”

    As far as square footage and the floor plan goes, this year’s CT house, part of a partnership between the school district, Crookston Housing & Economic Development Authority and Northwest Minnesota Housing Cooperative, is one of the most ambitious the class has ever taken on.

    The students won’t finish the house, Oliver said. Their last tasks are involving insulation, siding, drywall and soffits. A custom cabinetry person in Bagley is handling that work, and Oliver said it’s likely the students won’t get to the point where they can do any interior finishing work.

    Oliver said the students are “plugging away on a daily basis” in order to get as much done as they possibly can, before another crew finishes everything up. “The goal is to give the kids as many experiences as possible in as many areas as possible,” he said. “I think we did well, considering that we had to shovel out the interior of the house twice because of blizzards before the roof was entirely closed up.”