Girls say he walked in on them changing clothes; principal says they were reported as skipping class and hiding in the locker room and he yelled numerous times before walking in

    Crookston High School Principal Eric Bubna is disputing the accounts of some female CHS students who said he came into a girls’ locker room at the school earlier this week and saw some of them partially undressed.

    “They are very much lying on that,” Bubna told the Times Friday.

    Bubna confirmed that the mother of one of the three girls involved has requested a meeting at CHS, and that meeting will take place on Monday.

    Bubna said he received a report that three girls were skipping class. They did not have a physical education class, he said, but it was reported to him that they were hiding in a girls’ locker room. He said he opened the door to the locker room and yelled three times words to the effect of “Is anyone in here?” He got no response, he said, so he walked in, while continuing to shout, “Is anyone in here?” multiple times. Still getting no response, Bubna said he searched the locker room and found the three girls. He said he told them to get back to class and one of them did so. The other two students did not leave and became “aggressive, argumentative, and defiant.”

    Predictably, the incident has ignited a furor on social media.

    Bubna said that yelling multiple times before entering a boys’ or girls’ locker room or bathroom in the school is “standard procedure” for any faculty or staff in that type of situation. Asked by the Times if CHS faculty and staff are specifically trained on how to enter locker rooms and bathrooms in similar scenarios or if there’s a written policy indicating as such, Bubna said there is no actual training or policy on the books. “It’s just pure common sense,” he said. “If you’re going to walk into any locker room or bathroom without making your presence known…you’d never do that.”

    In a statement Bubna released Thursday when contacted by the media, he said that whether it’s a custodian needing to clean a locker room or a bathroom or a member of the faculty or staff entering, “they always loudly announce their presence before entering.”

    Any claim that he barged into the girls’ locker room unannounced and saw any girls in the process of changing clothes is “totally ridiculous.”

    Asked by the Times how often this situation arises at CHS, Bubna said he has entered boys’ and girls’ locker rooms in the past, using the exact procedure he did this week. “Students are always given ample warning before I enter a locker room,” he said.