They ask for public’s cooperation and patience

    For those bringing their household trash, recyclables and other materials to the Polk County Transfer Station these days, things are a little cramped and traffic is significantly more hectic than usual, as everyone tries to navigate smaller spaces due to the demolition of the current facility that will be followed by the construction of a new facility.

    Officials from Polk County Environmental Services report that through the summer and into fall, the Transfer Station will be operating outdoors, until the new facility is move-in ready. It’s expected that milestone will be reached in October. The office portion of the new building is not expected to be ready for occupation until December.

    Meanwhile, with the current facility and surrounding property roped off, things are pretty tight, and PCES officials ask for the public’s cooperation and patience. Those bringing large material loads, including compost or yard waste larger than two yards (or what might fit in a pickup bed) are asked to take their load directly to the compost site at the Polk County Landfill complex near Gentilly. Those doing so will need to weigh in and weigh out at the scale, but the charge for the yard waste will be billed to Polk County.

    If you have any questions, contact the Transfer Station at 281-6445.