Hruby, Cameron, Uken and Thibert among those being honored this year

    Every April, Polk County Public Health celebrates public health and renews its commitment to promoting health. People often do not understand what public health is, much less how it impacts their daily lives. Public health affects everyone on a daily basis as people are only as healthy as the communities and world around them.

    In order to improve and promote population health, PCPH must use innovative solutions that advance collaboration among many local partners. Polk County Public Health is grateful to have many individuals who volunteer their time, skills, and abilities to promote healthy communities. These individuals advocate for improvement and expansion of public health in their families, schools, workplaces and communities.

    Polk County Public Health would like to take the time to acknowledge its 2018 Public Health Champions:

    • Megan Hruby, SNAP-Ed Educator, University of Minnesota Extension Service

    “As a member of the Polk County Wellness Coalition, Megan exemplifies partnerships and collaboration.  Megan is key in our region moving the Health In All Policies concept forward.  She works hard to bridge the gap in services between her work and partnering organizations in the region.  As a member of the Polk County Breastfeeding Coalition and a Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC), Megan has bridged the gap providing needed information for new mothers by “leading the way”.  Megan has been an active member of the Crookston School Wellness committee, not only bringing her professional expertise, but also her perspective of a parent to the table.  Although fairly new to the committee, she has already helped move forward with “Smarter Lunchroom” practices, helping to encourage and increase better nutrition to students at Highland. Polk County Public Health appreciates her partnerships in the One Vegetable, One Community; Power of Produce; Community Gardens; Farmers Markets; and all efforts to make healthy choices easier, where we live, work, play and seek healthcare.”

    • Safe Kids Grand Forks

    “Safe Kids has been a huge partner for many different avenues with Polk County Public Health.  They have offered immense support to the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership by coordinating helmets and supplies for area bike rodeos and education events for schools/communities.  Safe Kids has provided Child Passenger Safety support, education, and help whenever it is needed. Although they are Safe Kids “Grand Forks”, they never hesitate to work together with Polk County Public Health, and our partners, Norman-Mahnomen Public Health.”

    • Ashley Cameron, RiverView Health

    “Ashley is a Public Health Champion leading the way in Breastfeeding Promotion.  Ashley is actively involved in the Polk County Breastfeeding Coalition and has been there since our very first meeting, back in 2013.  She brings the active partnership with RiverView Health, a leader in supporting breastfeeding as the preferred way to feed babies.  Ashley’s passion for breastfeeding prompted RiverView Health to apply, and have now received, the Breastfeeding Friendly Worksite Designation from MDH.”

    • Harvey Uken, Red River Valley Juvenile Center

    “Harvey has been passionate and motivated in his work with the Nurtured Heart Program, a program focused on helping adolescents to develop healthy self-regulation, self-perception, and relationships with others, including adults. Harvey has been the leader in implementing these strategies at RRVJC, and has been active in our community training other organizations and local parents regarding its use.”

    • Mary Thibert, CHANGE Program at the Northwestern Mental Health Center

    “Nominated for Mary’s dedicated, thoughtful, and difficult work with adolescents through the CHANGE program at NWMHC. Working with mutual clients, I have only heard positive experiences from youth that have worked with Mary. Her impact on youth highly impacts their success as adults. She is a public health champion.”

     • Carrie Danielson- Essentia Health Fosston

    “Carrie remains an active participant on the Polk County Opioid Committee and has demonstrated her commitment to this important issue by organizing the Fosston Alternative to Opioids event.  Her partnership on this issue continues strengthening the committee’s capacity to impact our communities and increases the committee’s sustainability.”