On April 18, 16 Crookston High School Orchestra students participated in the String Solo and Ensemble Contest at Moorhead High School. Students prepared and performed solo and small ensemble pieces for a judge and were given a score based tone quality, intonation, rhythm, balance, blend, technique, interpretation, musicianship, bowing, and other performance factors.

    Students that received a score of 35-40 earned a Superior rating, or a Double Star, and those that received a score of 28-34 earned an Excellent rating, or a Single Star. All Crookston High School students starred, with seven events earning Excellent ratings, and five earning Superior.

    Below is a list of the events that performed and their ratings:

    • Maddie Everett, Merran Dingmann, and Clair Frydenlund (String Trio) - Double Star
    • Maddie Everett (Violin Solo) - Double Star
    • Katherine Geist (Violin Solo) - Double Star
    • Kathryn Halos (Viola Solo) - Double Star
    • Katherine Geist and Emily Gillette (Violin Duet) - Double Star
    • Clair Frydenlund (Cello Solo) - Single Star
    • Clair Frydenlund, Lily Sandman, and Ella Weber (String Trio) - Single Star
    • Ailie Hujanen, Lisa Lindemoen, and Adalaid Shea (String Trio) - Single Star
    • Sarah Ryan and Victoria Proulx (Violin Duet) - Single Star
    • Linnea French (Viola Solo) - Single Star
    • Dayen Sundquist (Violin Solo) - Single Star
    • Sophia Rezac (Violin Solo) - Single Star