In letter, RiverView asks for off-premises sign because people have a hard time finding the facility and its emergency room

    The City Planning Commission is recommending that the Crookston City Council approve a modified zoning ordinance related to signage that would make it a little easier for businesses to erect signage in instances where people have a difficult time finding their location.

    The Crookston community is already home to numerous, smaller directional signs pointing people toward various schools and churches, but Building Official/Zoning Administrator Matt Johnson tells the Times that the change in the works involves different types of signs.

    The current discussion and commission’s recommendation to the council stems from a request from RiverView Health, which is looking to buy the property at the corner of Hill Street and South Minnesota Street for the purposes of erecting a directional sign to, according to a letter to the council from RiverView Health, “provide enhanced visible direction to RiverView’s campus, particularly the Emergency Room.” The letter authored by RiverView COO Chris Bruggeman goes onto state that RiverView has received complaints and heard concerns from people who have a hard time finding and/or getting to the Crookston facility. When they’re also in extreme duress, that only makes the situation more difficult, Bruggeman wrote.

    The ordinance in its current form would not allow for such an off-premises sign.

    The change, Johnson said, would technically involving “loosening the standards” in the current sign ordinance, and future requests under the umbrella of a modified ordinance would be considered on a case-by-case conditional use permit (CUP) basis. In other words, those asking to erect a sign similar to RiverView Health would have to abide by conditions placed by the commission and/or council.