Authorities say Berg’s son ran out of house yelling for help

    A Crookston woman who tried to steal a FedEx truck and allegedly forced her son to run away with her was recently sentenced to less than two months in jail.

    Trisha Mary Berg, 37, plead guilty Thursday in Grand Forks District Court to a Class C felony, child neglect, and four misdemeanors including unauthorized use of a vehicle, driving under revocation, physical obstruction of a government function and disorderly conduct. Of the 12-month sentence, ten months were suspended and she was credited for three days of time served.

    Berg was arrested in January 2018 at a rural residence near Thompson, N.D. where a FedEx driver said he stopped to help her when he saw her vehicle stuck in a ditch and she reportedly tried to drive away with the FedEx truck while he sought help from a homeowner nearby. Court documents say Berg also got the FedEx truck stuck in the driveway and her son ran toward the house yelling, “Help Me!”

    The Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office reported the boy was dressed inappropriately for the cold weather with temperatures near zero degrees with wind chills close to minus 20 degrees, said the court complaint. The complaint also said that Berg refused to get out of the vehicle when deputies arrived and she resisted arrest.