After last Thursday’s double-negative turn in this space that featured a “Jeers & Jeers” instead of the normal “Cheers & Jeers,” this week we’re emanating nothing but positive vibes with a “Cheers & Cheers”...

Cheers to Janise Dorman for volunteering her mornings to make sure Washington School children get safely to the school doors or playground

    Whether it’s a hectic Monday or a laid-back Friday morning, when you’re dropping your preschool, kindergarten, or first grade students off at Washington Elementary School you’ll see Janise Dorman ushering those students safely to the school doors or playground.

    Every school day, no matter the weather, Janise volunteers her time to greet children and make sure they get to where they need to go. Even in the unpleasant snow-filled blizzard-like mornings, Janise is there usually with a smile on her face to say “Good morning, (insert your child’s name.)”

    Parents drive their vehicles in a line and wait “patiently” for their turn in the drop-off zone and arriving teachers usually stop to have a quick chat with Janise all while she makes sure kids stay safely on the sidewalk and either go inside to get breakfast or, if the weather isn’t too horrible, to the playground to get energized for the school day.

    Cheers to Janise for volunteering to keep kids safe, greeting them in the morning, and making everyone’s day a little brighter… even in the April snow.

                                                        – Jess Bengtson, assistant editor

Cheers to UMC student-athletes staying busy in the community, even during their off-season

    Everything seems to carry along more smoothly when people help out each other. On Tuesday, four players from the University of Minnesota Crookston Golden Eagles men’s basketball team spent some of their time assisting the Crookston Care and Share Center with a remodeling project they are undergoing. Nate Lorenz, Darin Viken, Brian Stitzmann, Gable Smith and some UMC coaches helped carry drywall up flights of stairs as part of a facelift to one of the dorm rooms.

    The Golden Eagles are currently in their offseason, but still dedicate the majority of their time to being a student. Any athlete who gives back to their community deserves a nod. It is always enjoyable to see athletes in action off the field, court or ice.

                                                       – Nolan Beilstein, sports editor