Vedbraaten, citing stubborn snow pack, pitches postponing until middle of May

    Despite the continued cold and slow snow melt that might delay Crookston residents’ spring cleaning efforts, the City’s annual Spring Clean-Up Week, scheduled for April 23-27, will not be pushed back on the calendar.

    Ward 6 City Council Member Tom Vedbraaten suggested delaying the event at this week’s council Ways & Means Committee meeting. He cited the significant amount of snow in many backyards that makes it harder for people to get to things in their sheds or garages that they may want to haul to their curbside, and he also cited the possibility of more snow on the way, but a storm previously forecast for this weekend is looking like it’s going to miss Crookston.

    Vedbraaten voted in favor of pushing Spring Clean-Up Week back to mid-May, as did Ward 3 Council Member Clayton Briggs. But everyone else voted to stick to its initially scheduled time.

    If people are worried about not being able to gather up grass, leaves or other yard waste in time for clean-up week because of the persistent snow pack, Public Works Director Pat Kelly reminded everyone that the City picks up yard waste at curbsides every week that is placed in proper City bags.

    When it appeared that momentum might be building toward a vote in favor of delaying Spring Clean-Up Week, City Administrator Shannon Stassen cited curbsides piled with junk when families come to town for UMC’s spring commencement or CHS graduation receptions, and Ward 1 Council Member Jake Fee cited spring’s ability to arrive in rapid fashion.

    “I could be in shorts and grilling in my backyard in two weeks,” he said, adding that he’d be leery of postponing when the City has already publicized the April 23-27 Spring Clean-Up Week dates.