Performances will take place April 13-15 in CHS auditorium

    “Almost, Maine” is a series of eleven short scenes that explore love and loss in a mythical town called… (you guessed it) Almost, Maine. The stories “almost” intertwine with the mention of characters from other scenes throughout the play in a town that’s “not even on the map.”  

    For the Crookston High School version of “Almost, Maine”, the auditorium’s stage is set with a winter scene of snowy trees and a sparkling sky, and many times throughout the production the audience is awed by colorful Northern Lights. The Prologue begins with a handful of characters having a snowball fight and the introduction of Ginette and Pete who seem unsure of what they’re feeling all the way until the ending Epilogue. Throughout Act I’s scenes, the actors and actresses show us love, loss, confusion, sadness, gladness, pain, and relief. As if the rollercoaster of emotions weren’t enough, then comes Act II which is a promise of more twists and turns. The audience, no doubt, relates to at least one of the scenes within their own personal lives.

   This all-star cast brings back many returning performers and is the final curtain call (at CHS) for seniors Zach Sanders, Jordan Lessard and Bailey Bradford. The “Almost, Maine” thespians show off their mature acting skills as they take on more daring roles with this production and cued this writer in on the importance of one-liners such as “you’re in unorganized territory”, “you got found”, “I can’t feel pain”, “you sent me there”, “kind of like giving somebody a little less air to breathe”, and being “hung up.”  

    Director Beth Carlson told the Times that because of the intensity of the play, they watered down a few of the scenes to a high school-like level but I, personally, couldn’t imagine a better version. Whether it’s the captivating music, the emotional stories, the superior acting, or the gorgeous wintry scene, this production is a must-see.

    Friends, family and the general public are invited to “Almost, Maine” this weekend, Friday through Sunday, April 13, 14, and 15 at 7:30 p.m. in the CHS Auditorium.


    Makayla Tate… Ginette
    Cyle Keim… Pete
    Jessica Willits… Glory
    Zach Sanders… East and Phil
    Anna Huck… Sandrine
    Damian Hodgson… Jimmy and Chad
    Bailey Bradford… Villian
    Sarah Ryan… Marvalyn
    Blaine Asman… Steve and Daniel
    Victoria Proulx… Gayle and Suzette
    Justin Pietruszewski… Lendall and Randy
    Gina Visness… Marci
    Eliza Meyer… Hope
    Skylar Weiland… Rhonda
    Logan Johnson… Dave
    Jordan Lessard and Trevor Boe… Lights
    Sophia Rezac and Adalaid Shea… Sound
    Pat Seidel… Head of Set Construction
    Phyllis Hagen… Costumer
    Steve Krueger… Technical Director
    Trey Everett… Artistic Director
    Beth Carlson and Madison Crane… Directors