No cheer is being spread in the Times’ newsroom on this Thursday, on this page that is typically home to “Cheers & Jeers” in this spot...

Jeers to holding kids back for athletic purposes

    Many college athletes red-shirt for a season. By not taking part in competitions, an athlete gains an additional year of eligibility. While this can be beneficial in college, it is hardly helpful to a toddler.

    All actions stem from motivations. When a five-year-old’s decision is made for them, the motivation comes from the parent. They foresee an ideal situation in which their kid becomes a sports superstar and nothing will stand in the way of this becoming a reality. Parents fill their child’s imagination with ambitions of being some amazing athlete and potentially setting them up for failure just to satisfy themselves. There is a word for this act and it is manipulation.

    Some parents need a reminder that the point of high school sports is to develop kids athletic skills while also teaching them the importance of working in a group environment. They are also supposed to be having fun, but that often gets lost as well.

    Go ahead and give your kid an advantage over other teenagers. Their coworkers when they are 30 will be happy to hear about how they led their high school team to victory in the final minute.

– Nolan Beilstein, sports editor

Jeers to all of the neglected pot holes in Grand Forks

    Driving shouldn’t make your car feel like walking barefoot over a floor of Legos. You shouldn’t feel the need to bring your car into an auto shop every time you make a trip to Grand Forks. That noise that sounds like an upset stomach after eating gas station sushi, or the continuous clinking like a clock on the wall isn’t normal and Grand Forks roads are most likely to blame. Swerving every five seconds to avoid a pot hole only to hit another one while avoiding the initial one is, well, just miserable.

    Making a trip to Grand Forks may be thought of as a fun, occasional outing but the roads ruin a planned day out of fun. After spending money on some good sushi that you had waited a month to get, and gas to get there and back, expect another bill for hundreds of dollars when you bring your car in to fix the noises that come with a trip to Grand Forks.

    Sadly, it’s not just 32nd Avenue, South Colombia Road, or South Washington Street; you really can’t drive anywhere in Grand Forks without the pot holes that are more like smart car-sized holes in the ground.

    Jeers to Grand Forks roads, and what they do your car.

– Ally Tiedemann, student writer