Interactive, touch-screen ordering will be accompanied by table service for dine-in customers

    Renovations currently being done to both the interior and exterior of McDonald’s in Crookston will provide customers with “an experience of the future,” co-owner Cindy O’Keefe tells the Times.

    Cindy, who owns, along with her husband, Mike O’Keefe, the Crookston McDonald’s along with the East Grand Forks McDonald’s and the McDonald’s on Columbia Road near Columbia Mall in Grand Forks laid out the scope the EOTF (Experience of the Future Project) at the Crookston restaurant:

    • “We will be making ordering fun. With our current dine-in ordering system, our dine-in guests will also be able to place their orders on our touch screen, self-ordering kiosks. These will allow our customers to create their sandwiches with the condiments that they want on them and at their own pace.”

    • “We will be having table service for our customers that are dining in. This will allow our customers to sit down in our newly remodeled dining room after ordering and we will be bringing their food out to them, providing an experience that will be more comfortable, relaxed, convenient and stress free for them.”

    • “The dining area will be refreshed with modern colors, contemporary graphics, seating and decor including new flooring and LED lighting, interactive sparkle tables and touch screens that will also allow our customers to apply for employment or play an interactive activity.”

    • “The outside of the building is also being modernized with a new look, and a new digital menu board in our drive-thru.”

    Cindy O’Keefe said the EOTF initiative is being undertaken at various McDonald’s across the United States. Their restaurant near Columbia Mall underwent its EOTF transformation last year, she said, and after the renovations at their Crookston restaurant this year, their East Grand Forks location will undergo its EOTF renovations in 2019.

    The O’Keefe’s are hopeful that customers at the Crookston McDonald’s will enjoy their “Experience of the Future” by the of May.

    “We are excited to bring this new experience to Crookston,” Cindy said.