I’m listening to the 202 station on TV. They are gong on about Trump and Russia arguing about something. My feelings for Russia are only hateful.

    My grandparents and great grandparents are German from Russia.

    Catherine the Great, a German Princes, married a Russian Prince and she invited Germans to come settle the “Steppe” The settlement started in 1796 and survived many years. Fast forward: in 1907 Russians put restrictions on the Germans. My grand parents- Wigand and my great grandparents- Krause left Russia for America in 1902. They came by way of Canada to Minnesota.

    Grandpa saved every letter he got from Russia. When he past away, I had Mrs.Quist- who knew some German to seek out anything from the letters. They were bad spellers but she did get some messages for me. In 1915 Russia put all the German Colonists into Siberia, many died on the trip. The german men were in the army for life. 200,00 Germans died by 1928.