New Crookston resident and entrepreneur hand-pours every candle

    If you were a candlemaker and created scents based on the places you’ve visited, what scent would Crookston have?

    “Sugar beets?” joked Kyle Glowa during a recent interview with the Times. Glowa, an International Water Institute employee, new Crookston resident and “A World of Scents Candle Company” owner, has spent two years experimenting with candle-making and is excited to launch his business locally.

    Originally from Mantorville, Minnesota, Glowa moved to the area in December for his job and currently lives above the Crookston Chamber and Visitors Bureau on Second Street.

    He got started with soy candle-making after always being intrigued by the candles his mom would burn and smelling different scents in retail stores. Glowa found that he didn’t like the fact that he had to be close to the candle to smell its scent, so he started his new hobby after a discussion with a soy candlemaker during a “Back to the 50s” event in the Twin Cities.

    “Surprisingly, it’s not hard to make the candles but experimenting with different fragrances and colors is time-consuming,” Glowa explained. “Color isn’t typical for soy candles.”

    When asked about using soy for his candles versus other ingredients, Glowa said soy wax allows candles to burn longer than paraffin wax. One of his small candles lasts approximately 36 hours and smells strong “every single time.”

    Since being in the area, Glowa has sold his candles at the Crookston Eagles Spring Craft and Vendor Show and is excited to attend Crookston’s Marketplace Thursdays at the Downtown Square.

    Of the many scents that he sells, Glowa says his favorite is “Caribbean Teakwood” which is more of a musk scent. He has created close to 35 scents “so far” and enjoys having scents for certain times of the year.

    His “spring/summer” scents include Lemon Poppyseed, Georgia Peach, Java Dreams, Mandarin Mango, Backwoods Blackberry, English Garden, Petales de Rose, North Shore Nights, The Shire, Egyptian Amber, and Caribbean Teakwood.

    Glowa’s candle prices are $8.50 per candle and “the more you buy the bigger the discount.” You can reach him on Facebook and Instagram at A World of Scents Candle Co., and he’s currently working on a website.

    When asked about where he got his candle company’s name and why he wouldn’t incorporate his last name “Glowa” for obvious reasons, Kyle said the name is based on his schooling which was in Geography and mapping. He likes to associate locations he has visited with the scent names and says “North Shore Nights” is the crowd favorite.

    “A lot of my friends said to name it ‘Kyle’s Candles’, but I figured that was too easy and a little cliche,” said Glowa.