More businesses sign onto DCDP/Otter Tail Power lighting rebate program

    The Downtown Crookston Development Partnership and downtown building or business owners program for interior lighting has taken off with multiple businesses taking advantage of the rebates available through Ottertail Power Company and the DCDP. Crookston Paint & Glass recently replaced 280 interior bulbs, from fluorescent to LED, and owner Keith Oien says he can notice a significant difference in the electrical bill.

    “We save at least $100 a month in the front (of the business) and from $30 to $50 a month in the back,” Oien told the Times. “The whole program ended up being pretty little cost to me with Ottertail’s rebate and the city’s (DCDP.)”

    “Even just to get new bulbs, it’s silly not to do it,” he added. “You can’t beat it.”

    Oien shared a cost breakdown with the Times that showed materials, tax, and labor came out to approximately $2,000 and, for his business, Ottertail’s rebate led to an out-of-pocket end cost of only $531.80. And that’s before DCDP’s rebate.

    Snap Fitness also took advantage of the interior lighting program and is looking to update their outside lighting, too. Owner Bill Kresl says, so far, they save about $125 a month or about 21 percent, and the savings will increase after they do the exterior lights.

    “We want to update the outside awning lights and we may decide to keep them on through the night to help light up that area of town,” Kresl explained. “It will depend on the savings.”

    “It looks a lot better in here and we don’t have to change out the bulbs every month,” added Snap Fitness manager Brandon Kresl.

    Wondering how you can take advantage of the lighting program? First, reach out to Ottertail Power Company or John Bridgeford with the DCDP to do an assessment of your interior lighting to determine if you could do an upgrade by simply changing out the bulbs or if you would need to change the entire fixture. In most cases, Bridgeford says businesses have been able to simply change their fluorescent bulbs to LED. Next, the downtown building or business owner purchases the bulbs or works with an electrician to change the fixtures. Fill out the easy one-page form from Ottertail, which will pay for up to 75 percent of the total cost of the project whether it’s a bulb change or fixture change, and then submit the info to the DCDP who will then pay 50 percent of the remaining balance of the project upon providing them with the work receipts and Ottertail form, plus Ottertail’s rebate amount. In the end, it costs “very little” to make a major upgrade to your building, said Bridgeford.

    For more information, contact John Bridgeford at or call (218) 280-5369, or contact Roger Garton, Ottertail Energy Management Representative, at or call (218) 739-8542.