They're presented with a business scenario, then make decisions on how to handle it

    High school students from across the region on Tuesday converged on the University of Minnesota Crookston’s Bede Ballroom to take the “Business Challenge.”

    Participating students learned about the different areas of business, such as management, marketing, accounting and finance, and how all of those aspects function together in a business setting. Students were provided a particular business scenario or case study prior to Tuesday and did some advance work prior to arriving on campus. As part of the Challenge they were asked to make management, marketing, accounting and finance decisions relating to their given scenario. They were also given an interactive game or simulation, in Excel, to help them make their decisions. After making their business decisions, they presented their recommendations using a poster-presentation format.

    Winning teams were recognized at an award ceremony at the end of the day.

    The event was designed to showcase the UMC campus while enhancing student knowledge of business strategies and concepts. They also gained experience in completing a case study, a common assessment activity/assignment in college courses.