Crookston’s Rotary Club, for over the past 23 years, has supported Rotary International’s Dictionary Project, which was founded in 1995. The dictionaries are child-friendly, with more than 32,000 entries, parts of speech, punctuation, and pronunciation and dictionary guides.  They also include a reference section containing information about the solar system, international flags, U.S. Presidents, civics sign language, Braille, the longest word in the world,  and more.

    The Dictionary is more than a book of words. It kindles the fire for the love of words and from the love of words a passion for reading and writing.  It also provides an alternative to digital learning, which is important when we consider exposing students to both print and digital resources and shows them how to balance both.  Technology has its place, but so does a good dictionary.

    The dictionaries are a gift to each third-grade student and their teachers to use in the classroom and at home for years to come.  Many students use their dictionaries well into the future.

    Anyone interested in learning more about Rotary can call 289-1776 or contact a Rotary Member.