Boyfriend says she also took an axe to TV

    A McIntosh woman faces two felony charges after her boyfriend accused her of coming after him with a knife and reportedly taking an axe to their televisions. Dawny Marie Stevens, 30, could see up to 12 years in prison if convicted and ordered to serve the maximum sentence for second-degree assault and domestic assault.

    According to the court complaint, on March 2 at approximately 8:29 a.m., a Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputy and chief deputy were dispatched to the 200 block of State Street SW in McIntosh to investigate a reported domestic assault. After the chief deputy arrived, they were redirected to the 200 block of Cleveland Avenue SW in McIntosh to speak with the alleged victim, D.T.K. When D.T.K. answered the door, the deputy noticed D.T.K. had several scratches on his face that were bleeding and two deep cuts on D.T.K.’s right thumb that were bleeding. D.T.K. invited the deputy inside and the deputy saw a knife handle on the kitchen floor, a knife blade on the counter, a TV with a broken screen on the floor of the living room, a wall-mounted TV ripped off the wall, and a broken mirror in the bedroom.

    D.T.K. told the deputy that Dawny Marie Stevens was his girlfriend and mother of his child, that she caused his injuries, that she was in the shower and that no one else was in the residence. D.T.K. then left the residence with the deputy and provided a statement saying that Stevens took his car the night before, and then he went to look for her but couldn’t find her. When Stevens arrived back at their residence, D.T.K. said she was “mad” and slapped him. He said they started to argue and Stevens hit him again. D.T.K. said he tried to call the police, but Stevens kept hitting and scratching his face. When he got the phone, Stevens allegedly bit his right thumb so he went outside to tell his friend to call 911. D.T.K. said all of his injuries came from Stevens and that Stevens also came after him with a knife, he grabbed the blade with his hand and broke the knife. He added that Stevens also got an axe and broke his TV.

    The PCSO chief deputy spoke to Stevens and he didn’t notice any injuries to her face, arms or hands. After reading her rights, Stevens said she and D.T.K. had been together for six to seven years and had been living in McIntosh for four months. She added that they had lived together before and had a nine-month old daughter together. Stevens said that she and D.T.K. got into an argument when she came home to get her clothes, and that D.T.K. “got in her face” so she slapped him.

    Stevens told the deputy she bit D.T.K.’s thumb when he put it in her mouth, she grabbed the knife and told D.T.K. to stay away from her, and that she threatened to stab D.T.K. but stabbed the sink instead and broke the knife. She said that she broke the large TV with a toy and threw something at the small TV. Stevens added that they had fought before and D.T.K. tried to call her probation agent so she grabbed the phone and broke it.

    Stevens was placed under arrest and transported to the Northwest Regional Corrections Center.

    A PCSO Sergeant spoke to a Mr. Kildahl who was the one that gave D.T.K. a ride to his residence after they couldn’t find D.T.K.’s car. When Mr. Kildahl came back later, D.T.K. came outside and told him to call the police. D.T.K. was bleeding at the time, Mr. Kildahl told the sergeant. D.T.K. reportedly told Mr. Kildahl that his girlfriend had chased him with a knife and threatened to hit him with an axe, and that Mr. Kildahl could hear the girlfriend breaking things inside the residence.

    The sergeant did notice an axe up against the wall in the living room and heard D.T.K. state that she used the axe on the TV in the living room.

    While at the NWRCC, the sergeant obtained a urine sample from Stevens which an on-site test indicated positive for the presence of methamphetamine.

    Stevens has prior convictions in Minnesota for DWI, Disorderly Conduct, fourth-degree assault, and fifth-degree controlled substance possession, which she was still on probation for. In the state of Virginia, Stevens had convictions of misdemeanor assault or battery of a family member and felony malicious wounding.