Social media post claimed new superintendent had bought a house outside the district ‘in another state’

    Jeremy Olson, who will take over as Crookston School District superintendent when current Superintendent Chris Bates retires, tells the Times that he and his wife have not bought a house here yet, and their hope is to sell their home in Underwood, Minnesota first.

    The Times reached out to Olson in search of an update over the weekend when a comment was made on the Times’ Facebook page claiming that Olson had bought a house outside the Crookston district and, specifically, “in another state.” That would, presumably, be a reference to Grand Forks.

    The comment popped up in a conversation thread spurred by a reader’s letter to the editor submitted to the Times in which she expressed concern about her kids not being able to enroll in drivers’ education in Crookston, possibly because they don’t attend school in the Crookston district.

    The Facebook post that touched on the status of Olson’s transition from his current central Minnesota home to Crookston was brought to his attention Sunday, and in response he told the Times in an email that it’s the intention of him, his wife and four young daughters to live in the Crookston School District.

    Olson, currently the superintendent in Underwood and the neighboring Henning School District, both near Fergus Falls, said his family is currently in the “fun stage of getting our home market-ready” in preparation for putting it up for sale. After that, the plan is to buy a home in Crookston, or at least in the school district.

    “I have always lived in the districts that I have been hired in and I have no intention of changing this pattern of behavior,” Olson stated in an email. “We are looking at being up in Crookston in the next month to start looking at homes and have made a list of homes we are interested in, all in Crookston School District. …I believe in living in and sending my kids to the school that I serve. We are all in!”