Fourth-graders from Highland School visited the University of Minnesota Crookston on Feb. 22 for a STEM/Health day. They rotated through four different departments and had many great experiences.  
    Here is a breakdown of the four different stations:
    1. The Wellness Center: The 4th graders were able to take a tour of the facility and they were able to test out some of the equipment. They were also able to have some free explore time in the gym area where soccer balls, footballs, volleyball, pingpong, beanbag toss, etc. wereavailable for them to test out. It was National Recreation Day on Feb. 22 so it worked perfectly.
    2.  Geology Lab: The 4th graders are required to learn about rocks and minerals for their 4th grade standards. We learned about the three types of rocks and the characteristics of them. We also identified several minerals and learned interesting facts about them.
    3.  Ag/Engineering: We learned about some of the jobs that an engineer can have. We specifically learned about drones and we were able to observe some of the cool features that one was equipped with.
    4.  3D immersion lab: The students were able to witness some virtual technology. They participated in many different adventures using virtual goggles and a wall-sized screen. The students sky-dived in Dubai, went to Antartica and experienced the thrill of a rollercoaster, all while sitting in a classroom.
    UMC did a fantastic job accommodating these young learners. The students enjoyed the day out at the college and had lots to say about a day full of fun and learning.