Female student threatened to shoot up Crookston High School in Snapchat post over the weekend. Bubna also says Thursday Facebook post about supposed student threat from Wednesday is not true.

    The Crookston School District on Thursday publicly responded in the wake of a threat made via social media to Crookston High School over the previous long weekend for students, Feb. 15-19, that district leaders say was investigated jointly by administrators and Crookston Police and found to not be a credible threat.

    “It appears that today (Thursday), someone put on Facebook that somebody came into the school yesterday (Wednesday) and threatened to shoot up the school and that all we did was expel them and did nothing else,” Crookston High School Principal Eric Bubna told the Times Thursday. “None of that is true, so we wanted to put out some accurate information to set things straight.”

    Superintendent Chris Bates shortly before 10 a.m. Thursday sent out an instant alert message to school families in regard to the threat made over the weekend, the fact that it was jointly investigated and deemed to be not credible, and that at no time was the safety of staff and students compromised.

    Bubna confirmed to the Times that the CHS student who made the threat, in a posting on the social media app Snapchat, is a female, and that the threat involved “shooting up” the high school. Asked if the female student had previously been in some kind of trouble or had any other reason to be upset at the school, Bubna said he didn’t know.

    Bubna described the Snapchat posting as being “flippant” in nature and that the student “didn’t feel like it was anything serious.” But other students saw it and reported it, the district took it seriously and investigated it with the CPD, and the student has as a result received “appropriate discipline,” he added.

    “The student obviously receives a consequence, even if they don’t think it’s serious and was in jest,” Bubna said.

    In the instant alert message, Bates refers to last week’s high school shooting in Parkland, Florida in which a former student killed 17 students and staff and injured more than a dozen others. Bates says the “school family” in Crookston is “searching to make sense of the tragedy” in Florida. In the meantime, he notes, the school is making “every effort to maximize the safety of all those that attend” school in the district.

    Bubna said that, unfortunately, school shootings have become more common and in the wake of last week’s shooting in Florida, “everyone’s senses and emotions are heightened.” But, he added, the CHS student’s threat over the weekend would have been thoroughly investigated no matter what.

    “We 100 percent would have looked into it,” he said. “This is not the first time we’ve had some kind of social media comment or a comment made in school that we absolutely have to look into, and do look into.”

    In the instant alert message, Bates refers to “misinformation on social media” that Bubna attributed to the inaccurate Thursday Facebook comment about the supposed school threat made by a CHS student Wednesday. As a result of that comment, he said he’s been meeting Thursday with concerned parents who were coming to the high school.