Officer makes stop after observing erratic driving, then witnesses erratic behavior

    A Stephen, Minnesota woman faces three charges after East Grand Forks police and the U.S. Border Patrol, and their K-9 unit, find methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in her trunk. Susan Marie Boman is charged with felony third-degree controlled substance possession, fifth-degree controlled substance possession, and fourth-degree driving while impaired.

    According to the court complaint, on February 2, an EGF officer was on routine patrol when he observed a vehicle do abrupt lane changes and then park with its signal on. The officer followed the vehicle who then pulled into the Red Pepper East parking lot driving over the curb not using the entrance and, after the officer activated his squad lights to conduct the traffic stop, the vehicle parked across the middle of four parking spots. The officer got out of his squad and the female driver of the vehicle also got out so he told her to get back in her vehicle. As the officer got closer, he noticed tin foil next to the driver’s seat which he recalled is often associated with drug use.

    The officer noticed the female driver and male passenger had extremely fast speech and that the female’s face was sunk in. After he ran the vehicle registration, he asked to administer field sobriety tests on the female driver who was identified as Boman. During the tests, Boman allegedly could not stand still nor could she balance. Boman also became “very agitated” after the officer asked to search the vehicle and approached him and the vehicle multiple times. She said she was cold and the officer asked if she’d like to sit in his squad car, but she refused. The officer was unable to open the trunk and Boman told him it was “broken.” Boman was then placed under arrest.

    On the scene, an assisting officer made contact with the male passenger’s probation agent and requested a urine sample which indicated positive for meth. A K-9 unit arrived with U.S. Border Patrol and “hit” on the trunk and back seat. An officer was able to open the trunk and discovered a purple bag, two light bulbs that were converted to smoking devices, several straws, and 0.4 grams of meth, said the complaint.

    During a statement from Boman, she said she smoked meth that morning, that she smokes out of light bulbs, and that she originally had $50 worth of meth but that she smoked $20 worth, and that’s what the officers found in the vehicle.