“What a surprise on Super Bowl Sunday to look out the window and see a little Saw-whet Owl perched on the bird feeder. It was scarcely above zero, and the sunny day made for reflections coming off the snow. Understandably the little owl was squinting pretty tight, cracking his eyes only when the old tom cat walked beneath the feeder. These are shy little guys and often spend the day perched in a conifer so are tough to spot unless you're purposely searching for them. They are year-round residents but this was the first sighting at our prairie home. At 6-7 inches, they are the smallest of Minnesota owls,
characterized by the strong vertical bars on the breast. Obviously the chickadees and redpolls took a break from feeding for a couple of hours. Saw-whets feed on small birds but this one
didn't seem to pose much of a threat at least while the sun was out.”