Documents say he became ‘very agitated’ when asked to consent to a search

    A Crookston man faces felony drug possession and driving while intoxicated charges after East Grand Forks police called for their K-9 unit and found methamphetamine. Joshua Jesse James Heinle, 26, reportedly became “very agitated” with officers when they asked to search his person.

    According to the court complaint, on February 3 at approximately 8:45 a.m., an EGFPD officer was on routine patrol when they observed a white car pull into Lulu’s Thrift Store parking lot and park. The officer knew that Lulu’s was closed and didn’t open until 10 a.m., so he circled the area before stopping to check on the vehicle.

    The officer identified the driver of the vehicle as Heinle and asked what he was doing. Heinle told the officer that he was “checking on his wiper blades”, but the officer noticed there was undisturbed fresh snow on the driver’s door meaning Heinle hadn’t exited the vehicle. Heinle said the vehicle was his mom’s and that he was coming from Crookston to East Grand Forks to buy cigarettes. The officer thought it was odd to drive to EGF during a “snow storm” to purchase cigarettes, said the complaint.

    Heinle also told the officer that he had planned to go work out at Anytime Fitness, but the officer noticed Heinle was wearing dress pants and had no gym bag in the vehicle.

    As the officer asked for Heinle’s license and proof of insurance, the officer noticed that Heinle was “fidgety” and had glossy eyes, and his pupils were dilated. Another officer arrived on the scene to assist and they asked Heinle if they could pat him down to make sure he didn’t have a weapon. Heinle allegedly was digging through his pockets and got upset when officers felt something in his jacket pocket. One of the officers said he was going to call for the K-9 unit and, after another pat down, officers located a pipe. When the officers asked Heinle what the pipe was for, Heinle reportedly told them it was for “drugs.”

    Later, officers found a small baggie with capsules that tested positive for meth. They also found tin foil, “blotter paper”, and a baggie with small crystal shards that tested positive for meth. While at the EGFPD, officers applied for a search warrant for a urine sample for Heinle after he refused and the sample tested positive for methamphetamine.