Incident unfolded Nov. 1 in Crookston

    Five people were arrested in Polk County after an early November incident in Crookston involving methamphetamine and marijuana. Dennis Richard Meade, 32, faces unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and third-degree possession of a controlled substance, Danielle Cody Franklin, 26, faces third-degree controlled substance possession and sale, Monitez James Henry, Jr., 33, faces fourth-degree DUI, DUI while under the influence of a controlled substance and driving without a valid license; and Gary Andre Mitchell, 36, and Lupita Teresa Werre, 31, were arrested for fifth-degree controlled substance sales and await formal charges.

    According to the court complaint, on November 1 at around 8:45 p.m., a Crookston Police Department officer was dispatched to the 200 block of State Street in response to an ongoing assault and/or drug deal. The officer was advised that the suspects were in a Chevy Impala bearing North Dakota license plates. After the officer saw the Impala pull over, he pulled his squad car behind it. He noticed four people exit the vehicle, two males and two females, and one female, who was carrying a dark-colored bag, walked away from the scene even after the officer told her to stop and come back. The officer noted that they were parked less than a block from Old Museum Park in Crookston.

    The male from the driver’s seat, identified as Monitez James Henry, Jr., who was known to have an extensive criminal history and currently on supervised released in Minnesota and on parole in North Dakota, had no I.D. and told the officer the car belonged to his girlfriend, Danielle Anderson, who walked away. Henry denied driving the vehicle, but had the keys. The other male who exited was identified as Gary Andre Mitchell, who was on supervised probation for being a felon in possession of a firearm. The other female in the vehicle said she did not have any identification on her, but initially stated her name was Katie Aamold with a date of birth of December 10, 1985, but later said her D.O.B. was 12/10/83. The officer was unable to confirm existence of this person and later identified a Katie Aamold with D.O.B. of 12/10/81, said the complaint.

    Henry and Mitchell told the officer that their corrections agent was Jessica Hajicek, and, during a phone call to her, Hajicek asked the officer to search the car they were in due to conditions of probation, supervised release and/or parole.

    In the back seat of the Impala, there was a white purse/bag with small bags of suspected marijuana, a larger bag of suspected marijuana, several empty mini baggies, and one mini baggie containing a white residue that later field-tested positive for methamphetamine. “Aamold” denied being the owner of the white bag although, during a review of the squad car video, the officer noticed Aamold getting out of the car holding a white purse/bag.

    Henry, Mitchell and Aamold were placed under arrest and transported to the Northwest Regional Corrections Center.

    Another CPD officer and Minnesota State Patrol trooper arrived on scene on State Street and followed footprints in the snow leading away from the car to a purse on the ground. The officers searched the purse and discovered two small weight scales, five syringes (one with a clear substance and several with a brown/black substance), a bag containing suspected marijuana, several smaller bags, paperwork with Danielle Franklin’s name on it, and a handwritten list of names and numbers. An officer field-tested a bag and one syringe which indicated positive for meth.

    One of the officers later informed NWRCC that Aamold’s true identity was Lupita Werre. He recalled finding a VISA card with Werre’s last name on it in the white purse/bag. Werre also had a warrant outstanding in North Dakota. The next day, officers got urine samples from Henry, Mitchell and Werre which indicated positive for methamphetamine. Werre also admitted her true identity and stated that Aamold was her sister-in-law.

    According to the criminal complaint, on November 4, North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation Special Agent and other officers received information that Dennis Meade was staying at the Ideal Inn in Grand Forks and had several warrants outstanding. An officer saw Meade leave with a female and they got into a van and drove on U.S. Why 2 into East Grand Forks. Officers followed the van until it turned off of Hwy 2 and got stuck in a ditch. Officers noticed a male near the front bumper then the male got into the driver’s seat. An officer approached the van, recognized Meade, who had a switchblade in his pocket, and placed him under arrest. There was also a woman in the van, identified as Danielle Franklin, who they arrested and transported both to the EGF Police Department. They also got the van out of the ditch and towed it to the EGFPD. During a search of the van, they found a razor blade, a purse with suspected marijuana, two syringes with blood on them, and, in the glove department, three plastic baggies. The officers field-tested the syringe and baggie which indicated positive for meth. They also noticed the van had license plates that didn’t match the VIN number and found it was reported stolen on October 30, 2017. At the EGFPD, a urine sample from Franklin indicated positive for methamphetamine.

    The NDBCI Special Agent went back to the Ideal Inn where they spoke to a woman there who said she knew Franklin for some time and they met in prison. The woman said Franklin told her that she had been in Crookston a few nights before and that, when she got away from police, she dumped some drugs in an unknown location. Franklin told the woman that she and Meade went back to look for the drugs, but couldn’t find them, said the complaint.

    Inside the room at the Ideal Inn, officers found a digital weight scale, syringes, and baggies with residue. The woman said those items weren’t hers and they belonged to Meade and Franklin.