Fenno says DCDP Board needs to decide if that’s enough, or if advertising the position should continue

    It’s taking longer than initially envisioned to fill the part-time paid Downtown Crookston Development Partnership “project facilitator” position that would lead development initiatives downtown.

    When Crookston City Council members and City officials late in 2016 debated whether or not to invest $120,000 in City funds over the next three years – $45,000, then $40,000, then $35,000 – to get the position and its efforts off the ground, newly elected council member Bobby Baird asked if DCDP members were confident they’d get a good pool of qualified applicants for the position. City Administrator Shannon Stassen said at the time that the DCDP was confident they would.

    Initially, the goal was to fast-track the process and maybe even have someone hired by the end of 2016. That didn’t happen, and with the position being advertised for the past few weeks, a trio of applicants have so far applied for the job, DCDP member Dillon Fenno told the Times.

    Asked if interviews have begun or will soon commence, Fenno said interviews are currently on hold while the DCDP decides whether or not it thinks three applicants is a sufficient pool of candidates. The DCDP Board will vote every two weeks on whether or not to close out the application phase and begin interviews, he added.

    “Until the board feels confident that enough of a reach has been made, we will continue to utilize various avenues to gather applicants,” Fenno explained.

    The DCDP Board will next meet on March 9 to discuss the current state of the applicant pool. By then it’s certainly possible that more people will have applied for the position, he said.

DCDP notes

    • The DCDP Board on Feb. 8 hosted a meeting for owners of downtown buildings and properties at Fenno’s Synergy Center (the former Crookston National Bank building on West Robert Street) to see what their future plans are. A second meeting will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 22 at 5 p.m. at the same location, Fenno said..

    • DCDP Board meetings are open to the public. The next meeting is Thursday, Feb. 23 at 5:15 p.m. in the Tri-Valley Opportunity Council board room. The DCDP Board meets every two weeks at that time and place.

    • The DCDP board has a maximum membership of nine. Fenno said property owner and developer John Bridgeford has been nominated as a potential eighth member, and his nomination will be considered at the DCDP Board’s Feb. 23.

    In addition to Fenno, board members include Chair Ryan Olson, Vice Chair Shawn Rezac, Secretary Elizabeth Rowan, Treasurer Tom Skjei, Dan Svedarsky, and Jeff Evers.

    • The DCDP Board’s current signature project involves “wayfinding” in downtown Crookston, Fenno said, that will involve partnering with various City and community initiatives. More details are coming on that effort soon, he said.