It would add portable multi-sports floor to rink in non-ice seasons at CSC.

    The Crookston Area Community Fund committee voted to accept the Crookston Sports Center Portable Sports Floor Project as their next special project during Thursday’s meeting at RBJ’s Restaurant.

    The floor project initiative, jump-started by the Times’ Jess Bengtson, Parks & Rec Director Scott Riopelle and the project committee, looks to add a portable multi-sports floor option to the CSC that would allow the public to play basketball, volleyball, tennis, pickle ball, dodge ball or any other sport or activity on any rink that doesn’t have ice.

    CACF committee member Craig Morgan said he could see the community benefit from the sports floor project and would back it 100 percent as long as they get something that will last.

    The sports floor project committee has approached the Crookston service and sports clubs to help fundraise and would like to complete the project as soon as possible.

    “It makes sense to get more people from the community into that building,” said Riopelle during  a presentation to the Crookston Park Board in late September.

    To donate to the CSC’s portable sports floor project, visit and search for the Crookston project. NOTE: The last CACF special project was the Crookston Splash Park which is now complete. The website still names the splash park as the special project, but it is projected to be changed soon to accommodate the new sports floor project.

    The CACF committee awarded $85,000 from the Legacy fund to help with the purchase of two electric zambonis for the CSC. The city was just awarded a Mighty Ducks grant for the purchase of the zambonis and will be trading in two gas zambonis for the new pair. One of the main benefits of moving to electric would be zero emissions.

    “The zambonis are being built and we should receive them in October of 2017,” explained City Finance Director and CACF committee member Angel Weasner.

    Committee member Shirley Iverson announced to Thursday’s group that she and Ann Longtin will be helping raise funds for this year’s Ox Cart Days festival and that they are looking for a “home” to help house potential grant money and other donations.

    “I have been going to Ox Cart Days events since I was a kid and Crookston should have a festival,” Iverson indicated. “We can only apply for grants through a non profit organization and that’s why we are looking for a home to do that.”

    CACF committee member Tom Jorgens suggested that the Ox Cart Days group consider applying for 501(c) (3) non profit status if they will be a separate entity away from the city and chamber of commerce.