Documents: Argument escalated after husband forgot to get bread at the store and shut off the TV

    A Fosston woman was arrested for domestic assault by strangulation after her husband told officers she got on top of him and strangled him with her legs. Ann Marie Westerberg Olson told a Polk County Sheriff’s Office sergeant that her husband said “mean things” to her and shut her TV off, and she “finally had enough of him in her face” when she struck him several times.

    According to the complaint, on July 29, a Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputy and sergeant were dispatched to Fosston on report of domestic assault. Upon arrival, the deputy made contact with the reporting party, J.M.WO and Ann Marie. The deputy spoke to J.M.WO while the sergeant spoke separately with Ann about the incident.

    In a recorded statement, J.M.WO said he and Ann had been having marital issues, that she has hit him in the past and this incident occurred that evening. J.M.WO said it all started because he forgot to get bread while he was at the store. Ann allegedly started yelling at him and broke a plastic vase. J.M.WO said Ann then started hitting him and got on top of him, and strangled him with her legs. He said she hit him about 20 times, that he did not hit or push her back and that when he called 911 she threw a lotion bottle at him.

    J.M.WO told the officer he had some cuts above his left eye, he thinks she has untreated mental health problems and that he had a video recording of the incident on his phone, said the complaint.

    The PCSO deputy observed that J.M.WO was visibly shaken as he explained what happened and that J.M.WO had cuts on his face above his left eye and lip.

    The PCSO sergeant took a recorded statement from Ann and she stated that she is married to J.M.WO, and they currently live together. She said J.M.WO came home around 4 p.m. that day and insisted that she take him to Grand Forks. Ann said she had a bad day and didn’t want to go to Grand Forks, but J.M.WO allegedly would not stop aggravating her about it. She said J.M.WO said mean things to her and shut her T.V. off. Ann said she finally had enough of him in her face, so she struck him several times with her hands. She also admitted to choking him and said she was not in fear of him nor did he touch her. Ann said their young son and daughter were present during the altercation.

    The PCSO deputy then placed Ann under arrest. She is scheduled to appear for an Omnibus hearing on August 16.