They were called away from Central Park event not once, but twice

    The Night to Unite event in Central Park Tuesday was a way for law enforcement and other city entities to show the community that they can prevent crime and keep cities safe.

    While kids (and adults) were having fun playing games, collecting puzzle pieces and winning prizes, the Crookston firefighters were busy responding to calls. Just after 7 p.m., firemen took off with their fire trucks from Central Park to respond to a kitchen fire at Johnson Place.

    Fire Department officials say their response time was five minutes and, upon arrival, the fire was out. They had multiple firefighters available not only from the event in the park, but some came from a pump class they were holding at their main station on South Main Street. Firefighters investigated the area to confirm it was out and determined that cooking was the cause. The fire caused minor damage.

    Just after 8 p.m., the firemen were called back out of Central Park for an alarm activation at the Humane Society. Luckily, they found it was just a weak battery that tripped the detector. Their response time for that call was four minutes.