Sheriff explains that 'civil process' calls can sometimes be testy situations, so deputies need to be available

    Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman gave her office’s monthly report to the County Board last week and said they had a busy month of May with transports, lake patrol, civil process and traffic patrol.

    “We came in at 9,200 miles, almost 9,300,” Erdman explained. “We take into account where we were last year at the six-month mark and we are there without counting June.”

    Of the 9,299 miles for transports, 6,164 were in-state prison transports and 2,094 were miles logged to other counties.

    “The transport van has been a life-saver,” she added. “It has saved us multiple trips.”

    The PCSO first discussed the transport van in June 2014 where Erdman informed the board that their office was looking to buy a special insert that would allow them to carry male and female inmates at the same time.

    Erdman said her officers are also trying to get out on the lakes as much as they can and they’re also trying to patrol evening and after hours.

    “We want people to have fun, but to have fun safely,” Erdman stated.

‘Civil process’ calls?

    District 2 Commissioner Warren Strandell asked Erdman what “civil process” meant as they looked over the sheriff’s report and she explained that the PCSO officers were dispatched to serve over 200 calls for civil process or to serve residents with papers for items like mortgage foreclosure, collections, someone who is getting sued and any other orders coming from the court.

    Strandell asked why it would go through dispatch and Erdman explained that sometimes serving papers can be “testy situations” and dispatch needs to know where PCSO officers are at, and depending on type of papers they’re serving, the family may be going through a difficult time.

PCSO dispatch activity for May

Alarms - Business and Residential: 13
Animal Complaint and Mistreatment: 10
Animals Lost/Found: 1
Assault: 8
Assist Other Agencies: 51
ATV Accident Injury: 1
B&W Traffic: 2
Boat and Water: 5
Burglary: 8
Child Abuse/Neglect: 19
Child Custody Complaint: 1
Civil Complaint: 4
Civil Process: 258
Conservation: 3
Counterfeit/Forgery/Fraud: 1
Damage to Property: 10
Domestic Disturbance: 6
Drug Information or Investigation: 6
911 Dispatch Handled by Dispatch: 1
911 Hang-Up Call: 21
Escape/Flight: 2
False Alarm: 1
False Fires: 1
False Grass Fires: 1
Fraud: 1
FTA Complaint: 1
Harassment/Threats: 4
Information Only: 8
Investigation: 6
Juvenile Complaints, Offenders and Runaways: 5
Lost & Found: 5
Mental Health: 3
Motorist Assist: 10
Police Assist Fire and Medical: 13
Parking Violation: 1
Probation Checks: 16
Probation Assists and Violations: 5
Public Assists, Peace and Relations: 36
Pursuit: 1
Safe School: 54
Security Checks: 3
Special Detail and Guard: 5
Sudden Deaths/Bodies Found: 3
Suicide Attempt: 1
Suspicious Activity, Person or Vehicle: 10
Traffic: 193
Theft: 16
Traffic Accident, Complaint, Special Detail and Stops: 55
Training: 5
Transport: 57
Trespassing: 4
Unwanted Person(s): 5
Vehicle Theft: 1
Violation of Court Order or Order for Protection: 5
Vulnerable Adult: 6
Warrant, Attempt or Served: 15
Weapon Offenses: 1
Welfare Checks: 9