Citizen observes possible drug deal in library parking lot, calls police

    A citizen’s tip about what appeared to be a drug transaction taking place in the parking lot of the Crookston Library resulted in Crookston Police pulling the suspected vehicle over and arresting four men on drug charges. Three of the suspects are from Grand Forks and one is from Argyle, Minn.

    The incident occurred a week ago, on Monday, June 27. Around lunchtime, a library patron observed a white four-door vehicle pulling into the parking lot and what appeared to be a drug deal going down once the vehicle parked. The witness called police, and the CPD subsequently pulled the vehicle over at the intersection of Elm and 2nd streets. A search of the vehicle turned up methamphetamine.

    Taken into custody and charged with third degree controlled substance crime within a prohibited zone are Joel Aaron Delong, 29, James Michael Peters, 26, and Charles Lee Collins, 29, all of Grand Forks, and Jackson Timothy Bergeron, 22, of Argyle. The felony charge carries a maximum punishment of 20 years in prison.

    The “prohibited zone” language in the charge comes into play because of the close proximity of a city park, Central Park, to the library.

    The investigation continues, and involves the Pine to Prairie Drug Task Force.