Charges carry maximum punishment of 30 years, $1M fine

    A Gentilly man and woman face multiple drug charges after being arrested Tuesday for selling methamphetamine in the Crookston Wal-Mart parking lot. Derek William Jung, 33, and Ashley Kay Herrin, 30, face three first-degree felonies including possession and sales of meth. If convicted, they could face 30 years in prison along with a fine of up to $1 million.

    According to the complaint, a confidential informant (CI) of the Grand Forks Narcotics Task Force met with Jung and Herrin in the Wal-Mart parking lot and performed a transaction controlled by the task force. Officers listened to the conversation as the informant obtained about one ounce of meth from the suspects.

    Later, after a search warrant was issued, law enforcement located Herrin and Jung at a Gentilly residence and found two ounces of meth, said the complaint.

    A third person, Christopher Rolda Espericueta, 41 of East Grand Forks, was said to be connected to the case after Crookston police heard from a “concerned citizen” that Espericueta and Herrin were selling meth at the East Grand Inn in EGF. Police learned that Espericueta was on supervised probation and that he was charged with a fifth-degree controlled substance felony and fourth-degree DWI on December 6. He was being held at the Northwest Regional Corrections Center after his initial appearance on December 9.

    In January, Herrin was said to have placed $200 in Espericueta’s jail account that was connected to the Wal-Mart transaction, said the complaint.

    Herrin has previous convictions of fifth-degree controlled substance charges and possession of drug paraphernalia. Jung was previously convicted of criminal vehicular homicide in 2006, a rollover that killed Crookston resident Andrew Hoffman.