Candidate from Fosston says voters from both sides of the aisle have encouraged him

    Erwin “Erv” Rud of Fosston is challenging Minnesota House District 1B-endorsed DFL candidate Mike Moore of Mentor in the primary. Rud said a “surprising number” of people have encouraged him to make the primary challenge after seeing no post-endorsement campaign activity from Moore against Republican incumbent Deb Kiel of rural Crookston.

    Rud said he had contacted all 165 endorsement delegates by mail, phone calls, emails and door visits. But, despite his efforts, only 33 delegates showed up for the May 14 DFL endorsement convention in Newfolden. “Conflicts with graduations, baccalaureates, confirmations, fishing season opener, scout camps and summer activities seriously affected the turnout,” Rud said. “It also gave a tremendous campaign advantage to the Republicans, who held their endorsement April 9.”

    Out of those 165 delegates, Rud said 21 voted to endorse Moore and 13 endorsed him. “That’s probably all the votes he would have gotten if the endorsement had been scheduled as most people expected at an April 9 multi-county convention attended by most of the DFL delegates,” Rud said. “An endorsement convention not until May 9? Come on, that’s procrastination.”

    Rud said it’s all part of political games and brinkmanship here and in St. Paul that Minnesota voters, who are concerned about more important issues, are tired of. “I’ve had a surprising number of Republicans reach out to me, too,” he said. “The establishment of District 1 Democrats, they consider me to be a loose cannon, but I just say watch what a person does, not what the person says.”

    Issues key to Rud’s campaign include getting money out of politics as much as possible at the state level, and he said that a program patterned after Local Government Aid should be started, only the acronym should be LSA, as in Local School Aid. “These educational problems are not going to go away,” he said. “We need to invest in what’s important to us.”