Registered Respiratory Therapist Dallas Aune is popular with RiverView Health patients.

    Registered Respiratory Therapist Dallas Aune is popular with RiverView Health patients.

    According to co-worker Mary Ann Boushee, when patients return for further care they specifically ask for him because he goes above and beyond to make the patients and their families have the best experience possible at RiverView. He is also popular with his peers and was recently named the 2015 Employee of the Year by those that work beside him every day and describe him as “efficient, a great teacher, kind, professional and a team player.’’

    “When you hear Dallas in a room with a patient, he does more than treat their diagnosis, he creates a personal bond with every patient he touches that does not go unnoticed,’’ said Annie Waldal, Inpatient Unit Director. “RiverView has truly been blessed with his skills, knowledge and amazing approach to treating patients.’’

    Aune has been at RiverView for four years. He also worked in the Care Center as a CNA back in 2001. His wife, Rachel, works in the Inpatient Unit as a nurse. They have two children, 2-year-old twins Addisyn and Ava.

    “I am deeply honored to have been selected as RiverView Health’s Employee of the year,’’ Aune stated. “I get to work with some of the finest departments and they all deserve recognition for the hard work they put forth. I would like to thank RiverView Health as a whole; it’s truly an amazing place to work.

    RiverView has some of the most exceptional employees an organization could have and to be singled out and chosen for this award is truly humbling.”

    According to another nomination in Aune’s honor, he is known to “jump right in and help, even if it is not part of his job description. Dallas is always willing to teach us. And he does so with enthusiasm.’’

    It’s that willingness to always help and enthusiasm to serve that makes Aune the perfect RiverView Employee of the Year.

    “Again I want to say how grateful I am to receive this award, especially knowing that I work every day with people who are equally deserving,’’ he shared. “However I am even more grateful for the opportunity to be a health care professional. I consider it a privilege to be able to help our patients while they are sick or healing. While awards are wonderful to receive, just knowing that you have helped a patient is truly rewarding enough.’’