He’s worked for Polk County, City of Crookston

    Erwin “Erv” Rud of Fosston has announced his candidacy for the DFL endorsement in the 2016 Election for the Minnesota House District 1B seat currently held by three-term incumbent Deb Kiel, a Republican from rural Crookston.

    “I can understand why outstate Republican legislators aren’t able to get anything done for their districts,” Rud said in announcing his candidacy from his hobby farm in rural Fosston. “Wealthy Republican districts circling Minneapolis and St. Paul control key House committees that block smart policies. Common sense state government is rigged against rural interests by the agenda of those urban House Republicans. They demand big tax breaks to those most able to afford taxes and when they don’t get their way, they deny tax relief for other Minnesotans, businesses and farmers.”

     Rud says he decided to run so he could make a difference. “I thought it was time to give something back,” he said.

    Rud’s resume includes an M.A. in Health and Human Services Administration, a B.A in finance, licensure in long term care administration through the University of Minnesota, law studies at William Mitchell College of Law, as well as other studies at other colleges and schools. His work history involves experience at state, county and local levels including Polk County as a deputy assessor and the City of Crookston as an administrative assistant. A father of three, he’s also worked in the private sector and owned several businesses.

    “The lifeblood of Main Street is working people including farmers and business people with their families,” Rud said. “ I will fight for fair economic policies for working people. I know what it is like.”

    When friends have asked why he wouldn’t run as a Republican, Rud says that he relates better to Democrats.

    “Democrats have Christian morality in their hearts and economic common sense in their heads,” Rud said. “They believe not just in a free market system, but a fair market system to level the playing field.”

    Rud said the DFL is challenging Republicans on why they voted against rural tax reductions, Local Government Ad, school funding including pre-kindergarten, and funding for crumbling roads and bridges. With a budget surplus, the DFL challenge to the Republicans, Rud explained, includes why health care insurance subsidies for Minnesotans, businesses and farmers were cut, causing premium and deductible increases.             

    Rud said he also agrees with DFLers who sharply criticized Republicans who voted to allow tuition rates to once again increase. Criticism is also justified at funding rural broadband at only 10 percent of what is needed and extremely limited funding for rural housing, he said. Rud said Republican seem to prefer protecting big company profits by voting against funding for highway-rail grade crossing improvements for dangerous oil and coal trains.

    In several recent letters to the editor, Rud has challenged Kiel to 12 debates during the last 12 weeks of the campaign.

    “My Republican opponent in 1B needs to stand and answer questions on her ‘no’ voting record,” Rud said. “While I understand the real reason why she did not have any town hall forums last spring after the 2015 legislative session, at some point she will have to find the courage to answer why she voted against the interests of people in District 1B and for the rich urban Republicans. And I’m waiting for her.”

    If he gets the DFL endorsement for the District 1B race, “Then I will be seeking the endorsement of Independents and my Republican friends who still recognize good common sense values that come from living in District 1B,” Rud said.