At long last

    There have been many requests for the return of the Fantasy Field Goal challenge that former sports editor, Derek Martin, put into place during his reign, and after two weeks of forgetfullness, here is the big return.

    Here are the (very easy to learn) rules for those who are interested: You pick a quarterback, a running back, a receiver and the total number of points for the Vikings' game that week. Each week you get points only for the touchdowns your players record, with each TD being worth six points. In a tie, the closest person to the total Vikings' score will be the winner.

    Yes, it's that simple.

    All you have to do is email me your picks each week to You can also text in your picks to the cell number listed above, or call in to the Times. You can even tweet @CroxTimesSports for all you youths out there.

    Each week's winner will get a nice prize from Ampride Convenience Mart that will be announced after the first week of the challenge.

    If there is interest, it would also be great to do an eliminator challenge. All you have to do for that is pick one winning NFL team each week, but the catch is the further we go into the season, the harder it gets because you can not use the same team twice. One wrong pick eliminates you, so choose wisely. Send picks the same way as for FFG.