Cheers, sort of, to the balmy start to fall and Jeers to the Department of Homeland Security for almost forcing Minnesota to comply with new travel regulations

Cheers, sort of, to the balmy start to fall

    As we can all see by our calenders, it's almost October, but it feels more like June outside.  Summer seems to be sticking around a little longer this year.  Usually by this time you have to bundle up in jackets and blankets at football games, but so far it's just been short sleeve shirts.  A lot of people enjoy the fact that mother nature hasn't been showing signs of our bitter cold winters yet, and we could say this is happening from “climate change,” but we won't even get into that.         

    When was the last time that we were in the last full week of September and we had a days in the 80s?

    For some, this is no fun. Some people love fall and the transition between seasons, wearing scarves and furry boots and long socks, cuddling up next to a fire. So cheers to all of you who still like to soak up the warm sun, but know that some of us are ready to put away the shorts and accept that summer 2015 is gone.      

   It's sort of taunting, actually, being stuck in school all day when it's so beautiful outside. It's different in the spring when the flowers start to bloom and you can finally go to school without a jacket because that's just what gets you excited for summer. But next summer’s a long ways off, so bring on the crisp days.

    This weather is cheer-worthy when it comes to outdoor sports, though. Practicing with freezing hands and runny noses is never a good time.

 Appreciate this 75 degree weather while you can, it will be freezing soon enough.

                                          – Lydia Stephens, student writer

Jeers to the Department of Homeland Security for almost forcing Minnesota to comply with new travel regulations

    The showdown between the state of Minnesota and the Department of Homeland Security dates back to 2009 after lawmakers voted against adopting new requirements for I.D. cards. In 2016, the next stage of the federal I.D. program goes into effect and Minnesota, plus three other states, are the only ones left not to adapt.

    Flights are regulated by the federal government and soon an enhanced driver's license will be required.

    So where is the closest place to Crookston to get an enhanced driver's license? Bemidji. Basically, if Minnesota caves in and accepts their defeat (which it sounds like they will have to), anyone who would like to travel by air will be required to drive to Bemidji to update their license (or apply for a passport.) That means you must take time off of work (if you work during the day), pay for gas money to get there and back (hopefully you have a good-running car) and pay to get your license enhanced if you plan on taking a trip anytime soon.

    And it should be noted that, currently, the only two places to get an enhanced driver's license are Bemidji or Detroit Lakes.

    What about all those people who live far north or far south in the state and are regular travelers? Now, they too, have to travel to either of those places to pay to get an enhanced license.

    Getting a passport seems almost easier and it will last longer.

                                                                   – Jess Bengtson