The word “happy’’ might not come to mind when you think about having your child tested for anything.

    The word “happy’’ might not come to mind when you think about having your child tested for anything.  But if your child is having a hearing test with the new pediatric digital hearing equipment at RiverView Health’s North Clinic in Crookston, “happy’’ just might spring to mind as you watch your child enjoy the fun activities associated with the state-of-the-art testing equipment.

    Thanks to Happy Joe’s Pizza and Ice Cream and through the RiverView Foundation, the Clinic has acquired innovative equipment designed to test children ages two and up. The test is as simple as having the child look at animated pictures, listen to sentences in either English or Spanish and asking the child to point to the corresponding picture on the picture board. The new equipment is fun and user-friendly for the children and a much more effective hearing screen than done previously, said Amy Seaver, director of RiverView Clinics. It’s a happy scenario for everyone.

    Crookston Happy Joe’s Head Coach Jodee Mikkelson said Happy Joe’s is excited to team with the RiverView Foundation for this important project.

    “Giving to an organization such as Riverview Health is vital to our community,’’ Mikkelson stated. “Support such as this provides the proper screening, diagnosis and treatment to those in need. Giving back to the community that supports our business is equally important to ensure job stability in our community while looking at the bigger picture - economic growth for the City of Crookston.”  

    The pediatric project is also a great fit for Happy Joe’s, where children have been the main focus since the company was founded in 1972, according to Mikkelson. The Happy Joe’s Kids Foundation was started some years back to focus on children with disabilities by honoring them with fun events, including a special Christmas meal where they get to meet “Happy’’ the company mascot. And, of course, many birthdays have been celebrated at Happy Joe’s over the years for kids from ages one through 100.

    “We want every guest to leave happy. After all, it was Joe’s mission for everyone to leave happy. It’s in our name!”

    To donate to this project or any other through the RiverView Foundation, contact Foundation Director Kent Bruun at 218-281-9249.