Autopsy determined that he drowned

    On Nov. 4, the Polk County Sheriff's Office reopened a 1986 case involving the death of Daryl Sindermann in 1986, due to new information that was received.            

    Sindermann was reported missing on Sept. 15, 1986 after not returning home from a party a couple days earlier. Searches were conducted around the area of the Thompson Bridge south of East Grand Forks. It was not until May 3, 1987 that authorities found Sindermann's body in backwater north of where he was last seen alive. An autopsy, performed by the Ramsey County Medical Examiner's Office in St. Paul, reported the cause of death as probable freshwater drowning.    

    Throughout the years, according to information released Thursday, the PSCO has received tips on the case, which have been followed up on. Recently, they received new information related to possible witnesses and suspects, but after another investigation the case has been placed back on inactive status.    

    If anyone has information to provide in reference to the Darly Sindermann death, contact the Polk County Sheriff's Office at 281-0431.