Deputy struck in back of bullet-resistant vest, is not injured; Perry’s hit in the leg

    A rural Crookston man is facing a first degree attempted murder charge after a shooting incident at a residence two miles south of Crookston Thursday afternoon in which a Polk County deputy wearing a bullet-resistant vest was shot in the back.   

    Michael Jon Perry, 23, was taken into custody shortly after the incident, which took place shortly before 1 p.m. Thursday at the "Perry Farms" residence off Highway 75 south of Crookston, on 300th Street SW. During the exchange of gunfire, authorities say, Perry was wounded in the leg. He was treated at RiverView Hospital in Crookston and then transported to the Northwest Regional Corrections Center.   

    As for the deputy, he has not yet been publicly identified by authorities. He was transported to RiverView by a squad car and was treated and released. He was described by authorities as being unhurt in the shooting.
Began with 911 call   

    The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, which is coordinating the investigation, says that Thursday's incident began with a 911 call from the Perry residence at 28409 300th St. SW reporting shots being fired inside the house. The BCA states that while Crookston Police officers, Polk County deputies and Minnesota State Patrol troopers spoke with family members outside the home, Michael Perry began firing at them from inside the home. Officers took cover as Perry continued firing, the BCA states, and the deputy was subsequently struck by a bullet in the back of his vest. Shots were exchanged between Perry and the officers, and Perry was subsequently struck.   

    The investigation continues.