If elected, he says he’d focus on rural needs as much as metro

    Former DFL Minnesota House leader Matt Entenza, along with former longtime state representative and current Crookston resident Bernie Lieder, stopped by the Times recently to discuss Entenza's candidacy for Minnesota State Auditor.    

    "I hope to do more than just balance the books if I'm elected," said Entenza. "Our auditor needs to be strong."   

    Entenza is a former "white collar" Hennepin County prosecutor originally from Worthington, Minn. He is currently touring northern Minnesota in hopes of connecting with residents of smaller cities.    

    "I think it's important to stay connected to the entire state especially in small or rural communities," said Entenza. "Northern Minnesota should know that St. Paul supports rural communities. I've helped rural towns get their fair share of local government aid and find it important to invest in these communities."     

    Some areas Entenza hopes to work on if elected include managing and protecting state pensions especially for senior citizens and increasing jobs in rural communities. He also hopes to work on education spending and school budgets.    

    "Schools in rural Minnesota are having a hard time offering the same opportunities as the Twin Cities," explained Entenza. "The state auditor needs to look at all the data for all the schools and make funds available and fair for everyone. We need to focus on why Minnesota schools have such a bad achievement gap."    

    Entenza added, "Governor Dayton was right when he was the state auditor. He said we weren't doing the job to its full extent. I'm planning to keep with the tradition of the democratic primary and stick with my values."     

    The primary election will be held on August 12 and the winner will face the GOP candidate in November.