It’ll cost more than $6 million

    A project to stabilize the landslide area near Highway 2 (West Sixth Street) in Crookston is slated to begin this summer, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The project area is located between Groveland Avenue and Pine Street in the city of Crookston.   

    Survey crews last week were on the site collecting data.   

    The slope gave way a little more than a decade ago and as a result several homes and the Motel Country Club had to be demolished. The riverbank in the years since has been re-sloped and natural grasses were planted.   

    MnDOT is using the design-build process for this project.    

    “A benefit using the design-build method is that it streamlines the process,” explained Jim Bittmann, MnDOT project manager. “It allows the project to start much sooner than with design-bid-build method by bringing designers and contractors together earlier in the process.”    

    Instead of design being complete when work begins, design and work can be done concurrently, making the process more flexible," he said.   

    Design-build also allows for more collaboration, as well as the opportunity to reduce overall costs. Five consultants worked to design their own fix, with Nicholson Construction Company chosen as the prime contractor. This process saved MnDOT a substantial amount of money.    

    The project cost will be $6,406,360. Crews will be contacting adjacent homeowners and businessmen with a pre-construction survey in the next couple of weeks.    

    The construction schedule will be as follows:   

    • Geotechnical investigation- June to July
    • Preconstruction monitoring of the slope- July to August
    • Minor prep work- June to July
    • Construction including excavation and shear wall construction- August to October
    • Landscaping and turf establishment- Spring to Summer of 2015   

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