CPD says Crookston residents are once again receiving fraudulent calls about ‘locked’ bank cards

    The Crookston Police Department is once again receiving reports of a “Phishing Scam” by phone.  Crookston residents are receiving automated phone calls informing them their MasterCard has been “locked”.  The automated system instructs the resident to press “1” to be forwarded to the security department.  Once “1” is pressed, another person asks for secure information about the cardholder’s accounts and debit cards.   

    In December of 2013 several incidents identical to this were reported.  The automated calls stopped after the CPD put out a press release. It appears the scammers are trying yet again to find unsuspecting victims.  The CPD has verified this is still a scam.     

    The Crookston Police Department is advising residents to hang up if they receive a call similar to this and to call your bank if you feel it’s necessary.  A person should never give out personal information over the phone.  If you have given your information out after receiving this phone call, please contact the financial institution your card belongs to and cancel the card.  You should also contact the CPD only if you have given out personal information or believe you are a victim in a similar way.