The newsroom weighs in on their top five things of the week

Kids get back to work

The holiday break ends for Crookston school kids on Thursday, Jan. 2. So let’s have a welcome return to nothing but hard-core learning, shall we? Let’s get back to preparing these kids for the next level, whether it’s kindergarten, fifth grade, tenth grade, college or a career. That means less classroom time spent staring at a TV screen, and no pajama parties, and no festivals, and no crafty things that involve building things out of graham crackers. You get the picture: Halloween feeds into Thanksgiving, which feeds into Christmas, which feeds into New Year’s, and it all adds up to a lot less learning and a lot more fun. There’s nothing wrong with a mix of work and play, but it’ll be January by the end of the week, it’s absolutely freezing outside, and what goes better with the dead of winter than studying and homework?

Yeo maybe should be next to go

Enough experimenting and bringing in first-time head coaches to Minnesota professional sports teams. The Minnesota Vikings have burned through three first-time head coaches since firing Dennis Green in 2001. The Minnesota Wild fired Todd Richards and it looks like Mike Yeo might be out the door soon, both were first timers, since firing Jacques Lemaire in 2009. The Wild, which have lost five straight games and are on the playoff bubble, are struggling to become the breakout team they hoped to be when signing Parise and Suter in 2012. With the news that the Vikings parted ways with Leslie Frazier Monday, Yeo should be close behind. It's time to bring in an established winning coach to the Wild that knows how to utilize the talent on team and not some rookie from the minor leagues.

A New Year’s wish for an easier way to get rid of junk mail

Junk mail. We all hate it. It floods our inboxes daily and seems never-ending. Sure, we can try to "unsubscribe" from these awful third parties, but does it really work? Do they just pass you to the next guy who giggles to himself while sending you emails about "boosting your income"? It is completely annoying. Department store email lists are another place for third parties to get your information. Innocent people sign up for emails so they can get good coupons or notice of an upcoming sale. A majority of these stores "sell" your email address to other companies who in turn send you spam. It's a dangerous cycle. How do you get rid of so much junk mail? If you're like most of the other people in this world, you have 11,000 emails in your inbox. The only way is to sit down with a large cup of coffee and either start deleting pages or attempt to unsubscribe from each one. Good luck.

Make one serious resolution and stick to it

Normally, the Friday closest to New Year’s would feature a somewhat serious, somewhat mocking column on the Times’ opinion page written by Managing Editor Mike Christopherson that featuring various New Year’s resolutions. But even Mike has had it with resolutions because no one ever keeps them and, as a result, they’ve kind of become a running joke possessing little more than entertainment value. So the Jan. 3 Times will feature no such column. But, here’s the deal, don’t be like Mike. Make a New Year’s resolution that actually has some meaning and then do your best to hold do it. Resolve to do something nice or positive that benefits you or others, or to stop doing something negative that adversely impacts you or others. Just pick one thing, and show some resolve. And enjoy Mike’s column this Friday on slow Christmas deliveries.

Wilfs show some restraint

Well at least the Wilf family acted fast, firing Viking head coach Leslie Frazier first thing Monday morning. There was no point in delaying, and the Wilfs have a history of not pussyfooting around when it comes to shaking up the organization. They didn’t even wait until the players had left the locker room after a season-ending win over the Bears a few seasons ago before they fired Mike Tice, so why mess around if they knew Frazier was a goner? Is it the right decision? Hard to say. The Vikings were a schizophrenic team this year that lost five games in the final minute of the game, and Frazier is by all accounts an amazing guy who doesn't need to go all Harbaugh all the time on the sidelines to make a point. But if you’re a nice guy and you don’t finish first in this cutthroat league, then you don’t keep your job. Hopefully, the Wilfs will show some restraint in hiring Frazier’s successor, and don’t go all ga-ga over the first guy they interview, like they did with Brad Childress.