Cheers to showcasing talent at CHS and Jeers to flat tires in the winter showcasing talent at CHS   

    It seems that Crookston High School is always busy, bustling with a sports game or practice, rehearsing for a play, hosting an administrators meeting or participating in one of the various extra-curriculars that are offered. Amidst this busy holiday season, CHS has added one more, all-school activity to their list: a seasonal talent show.   

    Proposed by Principal Jason Vold, the first annual seasonal talent show will be performed for the entire school on Friday, December 20, at 9:30 a.m. and will include acts from all grades. Vold made it known that he'd like to have this talent show be a continuing tradition as long as he's principal at CHS, as it was a tradition at his high school that was always a fun way to wrap up the year before Christmas break.    

    Various songs, dances and skits will be performed, which will be critiqued and ranked by a panel of carefully-selected judges. To amp up the stakes, a $50 gift card will be rewarded to the first place group.    

    So cheers to innovative new ideas to liven up the routine schedule at CHS, especially during the holiday season. The talent show is a good way to unwind from school before break and will be a great way to show off some of CHS's talent!

                                               – Torrie Greer, student staff writer

Jeers to...flat tires during the winter   

    What is one of the worst things that can happen when you are walking to your vehicle on a cold winter's morning? Finding a flat tire. Not only are you trying to get to work, but now you have to worry about how you're going to scrape up the money to either get a new tire (if needed) or have it fixed.    

    If you're lucky enough to have two vehicles available in your household, at least there is a back up. If you can find the keys, of course.    

    Do all car tires have issues with staying inflated during the winter? Does it differ between foreign and domestic models? Who knows? Maybe it's just bad luck for some of us. Here's to hoping winter sooner than later. Or our luck gets better.

                                                                           – Jess Bengtson