The time has finally come; this year the CHS Spanish students are taking a trip to
Costa Rica!

The time has finally come; this year the CHS Spanish students are taking a trip to Costa Rica! Costa Rica is located in Central America in between Panama and Nicaragua. The capital of Costa Rica is San Jose. One of the cities we will be spending a few days in is Atenas, which was rated #1 by National Geographic for the best average temperature, ranging from high 70’s to low 80’s. Costa Rica is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. The climate in Costa Rica is tropical year round, having a rainy and dry season. We will be in Costa Rica during the rainy season, June 12–25.

To attend this trip the requirements were to have taken three years of Spanish. To raise money for this trip we sold items from a magazine, took care of DJing the junior high dances, and
cleaned at the Ralph Engelstad Arena after events.

Our Spanish teacher at Crookston High School is Christie McFarland, and she will be chaperoning the eight CHS students.
Once we get to Costa Rica and get settled in, we’ll meet up with students from the other four schools attending this trip. The other
schools are from Black River Falls, MN, Rice Lake High School, MN, Harrison High School, Indianapolis, and Muscatine High
School, Chicago. Mrs. McFarland has been preparing us by having meetings, introducing us to some things we may eat in Costa
Rica, showing us pictures of where and what we will be doing, and practicing real life situations.

On June 11 the eight students and our teacher will be driving down to the cities and spending one night in a hotel to make our 5:00 AM flight to Costa Rica. We are expected to arrive in Costa Rica around 11:45 AM. The rest of that day we plan to relax by the pool, explore the area, shop, and hang at the hotel. The rest of the trip will consist of a few days spent near a volcano, a couple days at a mountain, zip-lining through the jungle, hiking, relaxing on the
beach, viewing sites on the bus, and a five day family stay. All nine of us split up the last 6 days and 5 nights of the trip each staying
with a different family. There we will experience their culture, religion, practice Spanish, and learn their way of life. After
the family stay we head for home. On June 25 we will be departing from San Jose back to the states. We arrive late Tuesday night
and will be staying the night in a hotel before making our way back to Crookston Wednesday morning.