She and Glenn are moving to St. Paul in July to be closer to family.

    Note to readers: The teachers and other staff who recently retired or are retiring from the Crookston School District were celebrated at the Crookston Eagles Friday night. The Times profiled several retirees last week, and our profiles wrap up today with some thoughts sent in by retiring kindergarten teacher Barb Hager-Olsen.

Barb Hager-Olsen
    I have been teaching in Crookston for 24 years. I started teaching in the ECFE program at Lincoln, and then Kindergarten from 1994 to the present.
     My most memorable experience?  It is diffiult to finds just one.
    • Watching my own children play in the halls of Lincoln and Washington as I worked in my classroom in the summers and weekends
    • Seeing the growth in children from september through May
    • Listening to stories or watching daily happening
    • Losing a child only to find then stuck (hiding) in their locker
    • The process of teaching reading in kindergarten has been so exciting. Having a child reading carry a book to me saying, "and i can read this one too!" makes my day.

     My advice to the person who will follow in my footsteps: Love what you do, be respectful to the different learning style, personalities, and life experiences that you encounter in the young people you work with and be willing to give lots of our time to create the best enviorment that you can for children.

    Retirement plans: Glenn and I are moving to St. Paul, Minnesota in July. We will be closer to both our families. I love to garden, read, sew, travel, go to concerts, plays, volunteer, spend time with family...I plan to do it all!!  (And more that I haven't discovered yet.)

     Thank you to the community for the support given to educators and children. I've been blessed with the opportunity to work and live in Crookston.